Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Austin needed to make some Valentine's for his school class as well as a Valentine mailbox to put his valentines in. Here is what we did!

We made a love monster mailbox out of an old kleenex box and some craft supplies. Easy, peasy and he loves it! Want to make your own? Here's what you do.

You need:
An old kleenex box
Wrapping paper of any kind
Valentine Stickers
Pipe Cleaners
Googly eyes
Felt for the teeth
Hot Glue

Trim the plastic off your kleenex box where the tissues come out. Wrap your box in the wrapping paper and trim an X in the hole where the tissues come out. Tape those down in the inside. Cut out teeth from the felt and hot glue on the inside as well. Decorate with stickers. Using a small screwdriver punch holes in the box for the googly eye stems and the arms. I rolled the googly eye stems in a swirl so I'd have something to glue the eyes to. And your monster is ready to eat some Valentines!

His valentines are just jewelry bags with hugs and kisses in it. We made simple bag toppers that said, "Hugs and Kisses from Austin" He did great signing all of them - all 23 of them! Anaya, Austin and I made an assembly line to make them all. Anaya filled the bags with hugs, Austin with kisses and closed them and I stapled all the toppers on. It was a great afternoon of crafting!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Skor Bar Cake

MMMMMM! This cake is heavenly!!!

1 Chocolate cake mix
1 4 oz package chocolate pudding
1 tub of cool whip
Caramel topping
4-5 skor bars

Bake cake as directed. (I always bump up my oil to 1/2 C in all my cakes to add more moisture. It's worth it!)

Cool cake. Make pudding as directed and spread onto top of cooled cake. Top with a nice layer of cool whip. Hit your candy bars with a hammer to crumble them. Sprinkle on top of cool whip with drizzles of caramel! Easy Peasy!!!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Craft Fair #1!

I survived my first craft fair this last weekend! A couple of my friends Jessica and Jen and I got together to combine our cute crafts and sign up for the fair. It wasn't technically a "craft fair". We were a booth at a large, very large consignment sale in the Phil Long Expo Center. For huge crowds shopping there for the sole purpose of buying clothes, we didn't do too bad at all. Everyone made their booth fees back which was our goal for this. We had a great time and were able to get our names out there! I sold about half of my inventory that I brought. And, we have signed up for two more this year! Whooo hoo!

This was a crazy awesome consignment sale! We bought a whole bunch of outfits for Anaya who needed clothes for about 20$. There were women who came with big old empty laundry baskets, took off their belts when they got there and attached them to the laundry baskets to pull them around. They would load up with stacks literally 3 feet tall. It was insane! See picture #2.

Thank you to everyone who helped with babysitting, dinners and the support! I appreciate it so much! A special shout out to my lovey Josh who took off of work so I could go. Thanks hon! I love you so much!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Summer Nights...and a baby bug net

For the first time in 3 almost 4 years, we are experiencing mosquitoes in the evenings! Boy, are they a pain! Having a newborn makes it difficult to be outside when there are so many bugs to worry about. Try making a baby bug net for your little one! It fits snuggly over the top of your baby carrier making it easy for you to enjoy the cool evening air and not having to worry about your baby getting eaten alive. Here's how to make one.

You'll need at least 1 1/4 yards of netting, and round elastic.

I measured my baby carrier with the handle up head to to and side to side. Make sure you make all of your measurements over the handle as the handle is what keeps the bug net off of your baby.

My measurements were 44"x44". Once you have your square of netting cut out, go ahead and round off the corners. Cut a piece of elastic roughly 55" or so inches and tie the ends into a knot.

Now you are going to make a tube for your elastic to go into. I folded my netting over twice to make it extra secure and sewed a 1/4" seam. Rather than fight the netting afterwards trying to get the elastic in, I just sewed the elastic in as I was sewing the tube. You will have to scrunch your netting down the elastic towards the end since there is more netting than elastic.

(Ignore my crying baby) Trim your threads and you are done! Easy peasy and so worth it! Now, go and enjoy an evening outside! :)

Monday, 19 July 2010

Shopping Cart Handle

Wow! I am now a mommy of THREE! I decided to try grocery shopping with three kids by myself. It really went way better than expected! My only problem was this: I was wearing Avery in the snugli so it was like I was pregnant again, and my other two have a lot of energy and sometimes didn't stay by the cart. There was no way I could lift them into the cart while wearing #3 (and my apparent lack of muscles also contributed). Solution? Cart handles! Check out this idea for all you moms who have more than one kid. Sorry the pics don't match up with the instructions. :( I don't know how to fix it.

Cut a 20x4 inch piece of fabric. Fold in half, right sides together and sew down the long side using a 1/2 inch seam.
alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5495684745795847538" />
Iron open the seam, turn right side out and iron flat.

Fold both of your open ends about a 1/4" down, making a nice smooth end.

Fold one of your ends down 3" and the other end 5". You are making the loops - one for the cart and the other for the hand hold. Pin, and sew down.

Yay! You're finished. Stick the cart loop through one of the slots in the cart, and pull the handle through the cart loop attaching the handle to the cart. The great thing about this is that your kids aren't holding the germ infested carts and you can throw these in the wash when you get home!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Graduation!!! / Ice cream Sundae Candy Tutorial

We have gotten a lot of graduation announcements this year from graduating high school students! Josh and I wanted to get all 6 of these cute seniors a little something. But with 6 gifts, that can get pricey. We found a solution! After scouring the internet for some fun ideas, I found a candy ice cream sundae looking craft. Perfect! It literally cost about $3.00 per person and turned out soooo stinking cute! I did tweak it a little to fit my budget and style. Here's what you do!

1.Start off with some ice cream sundae glasses from your local dollar store and fill it with a small candy of choice (I used starburst, hugs, kisses...)

2.Next cut a 4" diameter styrofoam ball in half. You'll be using one half of the ball per glass. I smushed it on the top of the glass to make a stencil in the foam and cut away the excess creating a "top". (exacto knives are great here!) Get a red tootsie pop to act as a cherry on top and twist into the styrofoam ball. Make sure it's snug.

3. Using stick pins, create rows of "whipped cream" using mint lifesavers. (hint - I found it created a prettier look if you made layers around rather than working in up and down sections.) Towards the top, you'll have to fold the wrapper down a bit and pin it.

4. Lastly, get some ribbon for your pizazz and tie it around the stick of the lollipop. Curl gently, as you want the pieces to fall down your sundae.

You're done! They turn out so cute and it is a fun gift to give to anyone, not just a graduating senior!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Baby's Sweet Ride!

So, I had this brilliant idea to re-cover the baby car seat and have a not-so-generic looking carrier that looked like everyone else's. Whoa! This actually turned out to be a more frustrating, stressful project than I thought it was going to be. But, I have to say, I CONQUERED THE BATTLE OF THE CAR SEAT!!! I think it was worth it, because it turned out pretty cute!

Thank you to PukingPastilles on etsy for her pattern! Couldn't have done it without you!