Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Austin needed to make some Valentine's for his school class as well as a Valentine mailbox to put his valentines in. Here is what we did!

We made a love monster mailbox out of an old kleenex box and some craft supplies. Easy, peasy and he loves it! Want to make your own? Here's what you do.

You need:
An old kleenex box
Wrapping paper of any kind
Valentine Stickers
Pipe Cleaners
Googly eyes
Felt for the teeth
Hot Glue

Trim the plastic off your kleenex box where the tissues come out. Wrap your box in the wrapping paper and trim an X in the hole where the tissues come out. Tape those down in the inside. Cut out teeth from the felt and hot glue on the inside as well. Decorate with stickers. Using a small screwdriver punch holes in the box for the googly eye stems and the arms. I rolled the googly eye stems in a swirl so I'd have something to glue the eyes to. And your monster is ready to eat some Valentines!

His valentines are just jewelry bags with hugs and kisses in it. We made simple bag toppers that said, "Hugs and Kisses from Austin" He did great signing all of them - all 23 of them! Anaya, Austin and I made an assembly line to make them all. Anaya filled the bags with hugs, Austin with kisses and closed them and I stapled all the toppers on. It was a great afternoon of crafting!


Hillary said...

These valentine's and valentine box look so cute and way to go austin for signing his name 23 names. That's a lot.

beckie. said...

haha him and his crabs.
that is so stinkin cute though. he is getting so big.

Gramee Earllene said...

Doing things with family are the best! it warms my heart to see all of the good times you have together meeting a need with what you have on hand.

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